Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NEW! Regular blogging by me.

Well, I figured that I need to further my writing experience so with that in mind I've decided to blog a little more regularly, at least once a week! So, if you like comics, movies or reading poorly written blogs I'll be updating every weekend!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kevin Rudd vs Robin Williams

So, Robin Williams was on Letterman and had a bit of a laugh at the expense of Australia. Covered in all it's glory by the fountain of valuable reliability and subjective opinion News.com.au.

And in true form for the Australian media the FIRST person asked to weigh in is Commander in chief Elmer Fudd.

So "take a look at Alabama" eh Kevin? Now if I was you I probably would have thought through any possible reasons that Mork from Ork would have drawn this conclusion before slagging of an entire state. I mean, can you think of anything that the Australian media may have done to make Australians look like a "stupid person with ignorant views"? To people in, say, Alabama?

No. Me either.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey, Hey! It's Deadpool!

I only buy one Marvel title a month, Vengeance of Moon Knight. I buy it because the writer, Greg Hurwitz, is excellent. The artist, Jerome Opèna, is on another fucking level all together and It also helps that Moon Knight is Marvel's Batman. He's a guy with no real superpowers who is struggling with a demon inside his head who is constantly demanding that he kills people despite his vow never to do so. The arc has been about the return of Marc Spector (the original Moon Knight) and his conflict in remaining a vigilante hero whilst resisting a psycopathic urge to murder criminals. Interesting stuff that so far has been masterfully executed. Hurwitz has done a blinding job at taking a character steeped in continuity and making the book accessible to new readers (a trait that most Marvel writers have no interest in possessing) whilst incorporating key characters from the titles history to please the fanboys. But this week, this happened...

Wow! Deadpool! Thank you Marvel for making me drop this title like a peice of hot shit.

Warm Regards.


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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If you're ever in Maroochydore, QLD....

Drop by this place and buy some records!!

Its run by a Rockabilly Guy who couldn't make head nor tail as to why the hell we'd come to Maroochydore on our holidays.

I bought Murder Ballads and Lucy got some Tom Waits CD, for virtually nothing.

Check US out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Morning commute shuffle.

First blog entry - let's ease in with some morning shuffle playlist action.

Panasonic Youth - Dillinger Escape Plan (album - Miss Machine). Holy shit this song is awesome, like being woken up to find 3 or 4 midgets hitting you with barbed wire wrapped baseball bats.

Despretador - Mariachi El Bronx (album - el Bronx) The Bronx have been amongst my favourite bands since I was about 15, I remember hearing "Heart Attack American" on a mix cd and thinking "that guy, THATS who I want to be." and now my appreciation for them has only multiplied 100 fold because their songwriting prowess and chameleon transformation into a mariachi band on this album makes other bands in the punk genre look like they've been in reverse for 20 years.

Shoot You Down - The Stone Roses (album - self titled) The Stone Roses were fantastic, a group of rough looking northeners, fronted by the psuedo-post-rehab glaze of Ian Brown, made some of the most beautiful sounding guitar/bass/drum rock of the nineties. In fact, they invented Brit-rock, no question, it was them, no Stone Roses - no Oasis, it really is as simple as that.

Requiem Revisited - The Lawrence Arms (album - Oh Calcutta) Ever wanted to hear the most high energy/positively charged punk rock band in the world, your search is over. The Lawrence Arms exist to make you Drink, Dance and love your fucking life for a change.

That's Rock & Roll - The Dwarves (album - Free Cocaine) If I was at home and this came on the radio or Rage I would be scouring the house for 6 beers to drink as quickly as humanly possible so I could feel 1/10th of how drunk the Dwarves are at any one time. This song is a party anthem to punch a window in to.

Bling (confessions of a king) - The Killers (album - Sams Town). I love this album, it's knee deep in anthems, "Fuck yeah!" melodies and key changes. It's not "Let it Bleed" or "The White Album" and its not going to go down in history, but it fuels my imagination in a way that alot of albums fall woefully short of.

Ju Jue - Fan Zi - Tomahawk (album - Dead City) *First Time Listen!!* wow, ok, I know nothing about this song. Tomahawk is probably my least favourite Mike Patton project. There are belters on a couple of their albums but I can't shake that it's just the worst offcuts of a Faith No More burger with Fantomas sauce all over it, but nowhere near enough to mask the taste of the vampire voice-overs in I Am Legend. Aah, Patton-geek humour...

Box Jellyfish - Leatherface (album - Horsebox) more beautifully crafted guitar music from a bunch of rough looking northeners. Leatherface inspired an entire scene in the States. Hot Water Music, Against me!, Gunmoll, all have these guys to thank an anyone with half their brain wired to good punk-rock should own these guys' stuff.

Let's get Pregnant - The Dwarves (album - Free Cocaine) Yeah! Let's! By artificial insemination with a third party donor though eh, Dwarves? No-one knows where you guys have been.

Party Pit - Hold Steady (album - Girls and Boys in America) I love how these guys can craft an environment of middle America, and the heartache of being young in general so effortlessly. They can read all our thoughts, they know what we all did in High School, they know what we wanted to do, who we wanted to be and how it felt when we never did it and realised we'd become our parents.

- catapulted into cyberspace by the wonders of iPhone.

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