Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey, Hey! It's Deadpool!

I only buy one Marvel title a month, Vengeance of Moon Knight. I buy it because the writer, Greg Hurwitz, is excellent. The artist, Jerome Opèna, is on another fucking level all together and It also helps that Moon Knight is Marvel's Batman. He's a guy with no real superpowers who is struggling with a demon inside his head who is constantly demanding that he kills people despite his vow never to do so. The arc has been about the return of Marc Spector (the original Moon Knight) and his conflict in remaining a vigilante hero whilst resisting a psycopathic urge to murder criminals. Interesting stuff that so far has been masterfully executed. Hurwitz has done a blinding job at taking a character steeped in continuity and making the book accessible to new readers (a trait that most Marvel writers have no interest in possessing) whilst incorporating key characters from the titles history to please the fanboys. But this week, this happened...

Wow! Deadpool! Thank you Marvel for making me drop this title like a peice of hot shit.

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  1. Ah, Deadpool. The love of the fanboy and the first card played by execs looking to "expand a franchise".

    Also the most tedious character who hasn't been removed from continuity. And what a shock that it's Rob fucking Liefeld who's behind this shittiness.

    Here's a few pages of some fantastic dogpiling of this useless prick who does nothing but waste precious, precious ink.

    If only some of hte photobucket stuff was still live, you'd be able to see one of the greatest pieces of art ever made - Darth Vader as interpreted by Rob Liefeld. Even the Death Star had pouches.

    Maybe if we can get Rob Liefeld, Greg Land and Frank Miller all in the same room we could lock the doors and let them all starve to death...